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25 January 2022

The best hydroponic nutrient for growing

So what exactly makes nano.10⁻⁹ the best hydroponic nutrient? We explain the top three reasons below and how we deliver your nutrients differently.

1. Combining nutrients without reactions

The most significant benefit of growing with nanoparticles is the ability to combine several nutrition elements in one bottle, without the nutrient salts reacting with one another. This allows us to condense the number of bottles needed to produce high quality plants, saving the end user money and time.

2. Particles are not dissolved in the nutrient

The critical point to remember when using nano.10⁻⁹ nutrients, is that nanoparticles are suspended in the water and not dissolved. Suspended particles don’t interact with each other, keeping the pH stable and reducing the risk of nutrient burn. Traditional nutrient salts can quickly react when concentrated, causing pH fluctuations which risk burning the plant’s leaves due to excess salts in the plant’s vascular system.

3. Efficient uptake through roots

Nano nutrients are delivered efficiently through the root system and require very little energy from the plant. Plants can use this saved energy for processes such as faster vegetative growth (shorter vegetative periods), increased flowering sites, fruit formation (improved fruit density) and enhanced oil production (better aromas and taste).

How do nano nutrients compare to traditional nutrients?

IssueTraditional nutrientsnano.10⁻⁹ nutrients
ChelationChelated with EDTA/DTPA, the plant struggles to get the nutrient.Amino acid chelated so the plant has easy access to the nutrient.
pHSalt-based nutrients require a specific pH range to uptake.Nanoparticles are up-taken across a wide pH range.
ECSalt-based nutrients affect the EC of a solution and can burn plant leaves in high doses.Nanoparticles are suspended in the water and don’t affect the EC and cannot cause nutrient burn.
Nutrient interactionsSalt-based nutrients can interact with each other, because they are dissolved in water. This can cause lockouts leading to deficiencies.nano.10⁻⁹ nutrients are suspended, so they don’t interact, reducing nutrient interactions and deficiencies.
Nutrient up-takeNutrient uptake is balanced and maintained throughout the growth cycle.Nutrient uptake is enhanced through increased efficiency in a highly available form.
AdditivesAdditives are kept separate to prevent the ingredients from reacting in the bottle.Ingredients can be combined in one bottle, reducing the number of bottles you need to use.

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