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11 October 2021

Plant nutrition and nanoparticle science

nano.10⁻⁹ is a revolutionary method of delivering plant nutrition through the use of nanoparticles.

An introduction to the technology of nano.10⁻⁹ plant nutrition

nano.10⁻⁹ particles are patented technology, constructed from atoms to the size needed for optimal uptake (20nm)¹ and then wrapped (chelated) in the amino acid lysine. This method of delivering plant nutrition requires very little energy for uptake, allowing plants to thrive during vegetative and flowering stages.

Traditional nutrients use a blend of salts in varying quantities to produce a range of food a plant can uptake. These nutrient salts dissolve in water, which can allow interactions with other dissolved salts, causing lockouts² leading to slower uptake and eventual plant deficiencies.

The particles in our plant nutrition products are suspended rather than dissolved, so they don’t interact with the salts we use, preventing lockouts and severe pH drifts. pH drift above 6.3 and below 5.5 can prevent the uptake of various elements leading to some deficiencies.

We’ll be going into more detail on our nanoparticles and amino acid chelation in future blogs. Don’t miss out, follow our Instagram @nanonutrients to be notified when we release our next blog.

An overview of the nano.10⁻⁹ plant nutrition range

The nano.10⁻⁹ range is formulated to provide your plants with the best nutrition possible, through various patented innovations. The level of nanoparticles in each product works well but when combined and used as a full range, peak levels of nanoparticle concentrations can be achieved to get the very best results possible.

When used together, our range of nanonutrients reduces ingredient interactions, minimises pH drift and stops nutrient burn³. Good solution management can prevent these problems in most nutrients, but if an environment isn't running optimally, these minor issues can become big problems.

Our full range provide the perfect levels of nanoparticle concentration, giving a good buffer against harmful environments and minimising the amount of reservoir management required.

The base nutrients

There are two base nutrients available specific to coco coir mediums and hydroponic systems; these are coco base⁺ and hydro base⁺.

We developed four additives to complement the base feed.

These products include:

Each additive can be used alone to elevate an existing regime. However, they work much better when used in conjunction with our base products.

The individual nano.10⁻⁹ plant nutrients explained

coco base⁺

Our coco base A+B has been developed for use in coco coir substrates. Specifically, we added nano calcium to prevent unbuffered⁴ coco from trapping the calcium which plants need, making it unavailable. This may lead to deficiencies.

Coco base⁺ has small amounts of all our nanoparticles, to provide some benefits, even if not used in conjunction with our additives.

The nanoparticles in nano.10⁻⁹ base are iron, silica, calcium and magnesium. When our base⁺ nutrients are combined with nano additives, they provide the highest level of nanoparticles needed for the fastest growth resulting in the best fruits possible.

hydro base+

Like our coco base⁺, hydro base⁺ has everything needed to grow from start to finish in a hydroponics system. The formulation benefits hydroponic growers by providing strong pH stability in the reservoir, allowing nutrients to be uptaken at most pH points, ensuring the salt based part of the nutrients is available to the plant at all times.

The bonus when using nano nutrients is that they can be uptaken in a far greater pH range (above 6.4 and below 5.5) than traditional nutrients, so in the instance of large pH swings plants won't become deficient as quickly.


The flagship product in the nano.10⁻⁹ range.

We developed root⁺ over five years to bring a truly revolutionary product to market. An excellent root stimulator with cold-pressed seaweed, micro-algae and natural plant stimulants, the product generates increased leaf size, stem thickness and overall plant strength.

root⁺ incorporates two concentrated products (silica and root stimulator) in one bottle. Nanoparticles don’t interact in the same way as traditional salt based particles. They are suspended in a solution, not dissolved, so we can add nano silica in high concentrations without reactions occurring in the bottle or reservoir.

Our goal in creating nano.10⁻⁹ was to make growing as straightforward as possible while giving the best results possible.

flower start⁺

A complementary additive to nano base nutrients, flower start⁺ helps plants deal with the stressful transition from vegetative growth to flowering or ‘generative growth’.

Using a combination of nanoparticles and naturally occurring compounds, we provide plants with access to everything they need for prolific flowering sites and high growth potential.

Nano iron keeps the plant’s chlorophyll levels high (chlorophyll converts light to energy) and provides additional energy to create the hormones needed for flowering to occur. Calcium and magnesium often interact with other nutrients, blocking uptake of nutrients and slowing a plant’s transition to flowering. The addition of nano calcium and magnesium makes sure this doesn’t occur and allows plants to transition smoothly to the next growth stage.

flower boost⁺

flower boost⁺ is our second flagship product. We called it a ‘flower boost' because it physically boosts a plant’s growth and fruit production to levels unachievable with traditional nutrients.

Nano iron is the key to this product, allowing peak genetic production of chlorophyll (bigger and greener leaves). The increased levels of chlorophyll capture more light and convert it to the chemical energy needed for growth (photosynthesis).

With the ability to capture more light, a plant will have boosted energy levels for improved fruit production, enhanced terpene⁵ profiles and overall better health. Alongside all these benefits flower boost⁺ provides additional PK (phosphorus and potassium), nano magnesium and naturally occurring plant hormones, all of which integrate to make an unbelievable flowering additive combination, all in one bottle!


A favourite grower product for several reasons; this 3 in 1 additive will help flush salts from the grow media, improve ripening times and completely finish plants ready for harvest.

Reduced nutrient content in the finisher⁺ bottle will help strip media of excess salts that can cause nutrient burn3. Magnesium and iron nanoparticles were chosen to improve energy levels for a plant’s final push and reduce the time to harvest. Three types of sulphur were added to give plants a fantastic end product with the most potent terpene profiles.

finisher⁺ will reinforce the effort and energy used to take seedlings to fully grown, mature and healthy plants, providing a ‘finish’ for the best plants possible.

Unlocking the full genetic potential through plant nutrition

At nano.10⁻⁹ we believe that nano nutrients hold the key to unlocking a plant’s full genetic potential. There's no magic wand or secret ingredient that will make your plants the best they can be.

nano.10⁻⁹ has developed a method of delivering plant nutrients differently; a technique that not only increases a plant’s energy levels, but requires less energy from the plant to uptake nutrients through its root system (net energy gain).

If you’re interested in trialling this plant nutrient range and seeing the scientific innovations firsthand, send us a message using the chat feature on the bottom left of your screen and be one of the first ten people to get in touch.

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Thank you for reading.



1 20nm

20nm stands for 20 nano meters. The abbreviation nm is used in all scientific literature when discussing nano meters.

2 Lockouts

A nutrient lockout occurs when too much of one element will prevent the uptake of another element which can cause a deficiency.

3 nutrient burn

Nutrient burn can be seen as browning towards the tips of the leaves and happens when too much nutrient (in the form of liquid salts) have been added to your plants.

4 unbuffered

When a coco is washed or rinsed with calcium, we call this a buffered coco. It will be less likely to hold onto the calcium you feed your plants, promoting better growth.

5 terpene

Terpenes are natural oils found typically in botanicals that put out a distinct scent or aroma.

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