Frequently asked questions about nano.10⁻⁹ products.

Are nanoparticles better than normal sized particles for my plants?

Yes. Nano nutrients don’t ask the plant for any energy to be uptaken. Normal-sized particles need a lot of energy to be uptaken, especially metal elements. The extra energy the plant saves when you use our patented nanoparticles can be used on faster growth, increasing flowering sites, producing bigger yields and allow full oil production to occur.

What is a nanoparticle?

A nanoparticle is anything from 1 nanometer to 99 nanometers. 100 nanometers is 1 micrometre. In our nano nutrients, we use nanoparticles that are 20 nanometres in size.

Here’s an image to show you various sizes of products as a comparison.

Visit our blog ‘what is a nanoparticle’ for more in-depth information.

Are nanoparticles safe?

Yes. The nanoparticles we use are completely safe for your plants.

Some nanoparticles have been associated with dangerous microplastics, but the nanoparticles in nano.10⁻⁹ have passed rigorous testing standards to make sure they are safe for your plant and anyone or anything that might consume its fruits.